MP3: Linus Larsson and John Roger Olsson - In the shadow

I've mentioned a few times that John Roger Olsson from IAT.MP3 act The Grand Opening was working on an ambient album with Linus Larsson and now I'm happy to report that said album is done and in my hands (well, on my computer) and it's absolutely fantastic. It fulfills the textbook definition of post-rock: using typical rock instruments to create decidedly non-rock music. Said album "Leve Hogrän" does a lot of things, but I can tell you with all certainty that the one thing it doesn't do is "rock." Face it, the quiet/loud dynamics of most post-rock has been a cliché for a long time now, so it's nice to hear someone embracing one end of the spectrum. The track I've posted today, "In the shadow", is the group's own personal favorite and it's easy to understand why as it's got a little bit of everything: dreamy soundscapes, languid guitar melodies, a cohesive full-band moment in the mid-section and even a bit of wordless vocals towards the end. I think I like this even better than JRO's other post-rockish project Will Gambola Sing and those guys are pretty damn good. Also, please note that this project is currently unsigned, so if you might be interested in putting it out, I suggest you get in touch.

Linus Larsson and John Roger Olsson - In the shadow