MP3: Björn Kleinhenz - Better company

Saturdays in 2007 were dedicated to the music of The Bear Quartet and now, in 2008, we're opening things up beyond a single band to explore the music of Göteborg, Sweden. Past, present and future, we'll do our best to examine it all and make some sense of it over these next 52 weeks. First up, we start nice and easy with my good friend Björn Kleinhenz:

How long have you lived in GBG?

6 years

Where did you move from and why?

Sölvesborg. It's way down south. You'd understand the move had you been there. It's just a small small town.

Favorite part about the city?

Having being able to make it mine. My friends and the few little spots I like to think of as my own. Small things you do that have a meaning to you.

Least favorite?

I guess any city gets a bit too small for you no matter what the size. Sometimes you just wanna flee 'cos it seems as if everyone knows everyone and it's quite stressful at times. It's like a Dallas episode.

Do you think that there's a particular GBG sound?

No I don't.

Lastly, how has the city inspired you?

I've written the songs for my new album here. I don't think they could have been written anywhere else. For good and bad.

Unfortunately, Björn's new record is not quite ready for primetime just yet, so here's a track from 2004's "Trans pony". Enjoy!

Björn Kleinhenz - Better company