MP3: Anti-Cimex - Scandinavian jawbreaker part I

Pitchfork has elected Disfear's new album "Live the storm" to their esteemed recommended list today, an accolade that's well-deserved, though I still consider Victims to be my favorite current Swedish d-beat act. I haven't heard their new record "Killer" yet (out now on Combat Rock Industry), so I figure this is a good opportunity to listen back to a classic track from Anti-Cimex instead. Now, I know that I really should be stretching way back to the 1980s for something off an early 7" such as 1983's "Raped ass", but I tend to prefer the early 90s stuff as it's a bit cleaner and more controlled. One thing I really enjoy about good d-beat is that it shares a stubborn single-mindedness akin to Krautrock in that they both endlessly cycle riffs until they're drilled deep into your head. Really, what else would you expect from a genre named after a drum beat? It thrives on relentless repetition. The recipe can be mixed up a bit, but that's what it boils down to. Dynamics? Overrated in this context. Keep it short and simple and that's all you need.

Anti-Cimex - Scandinavian jawbreaker part I