MP3: Lack - I want you to call me Peter North

One of Lack's most admirable qualities is their sexual politic. So much of modern hardcore is either contrived macho bullshit (see Terror, Hatebreed, et al.) or fucked-up misogyny (Killwhitneydead comes to mind as prominent example) that even a marginal level of social responsibility seems refreshing. But to talk about sexual relationships outside of the usual context of love/hate songs is absolutely unheard of. The song "Deserters" from their last album "Be there pulse" was hugely progressive in its frank discussion of bisexuality and now, with "Saturate every atom", we have "I want you to call me Peter North" which openly confronts the issue of internet pornography. It's a touchy subject, especially with the rise of so-called "alternative" porn sites such as Suicide Girls or Burning Angel or whatever. Hardcore has always generally been a boys club, but at least there used to be more of a dialog about sexual equality, especially in the 90s when I was more involved in the scene. Now I'm not calling for a return to the days of overzealous workshops (and witchhunts) from the More Than Music era (dude, the fest!), but goddamn it, any discussion is appreciated. Hardcore is supposed to be confrontational and it's supposed to challenge stereotypes, not reinforce them. I'm sure I'm not the only one weirded about what the scene has become. Thank god for bands like Lack who tackle these ideas head-on. Even better, the song is awesome. That simple snare roll going into the final chorus with the chukka-chukka guitars gets me every damn time.

Lack - I want you to call me Peter North