MP3: Abduktio - Kevään merkkejä

With the release of their new album "Thermidor", the Finnish band Abduktio has evolved into an impressive progressive-minded hardcore act. The band still thrashes hard, but they aim much higher and as such, temper their sound with an epic melodic sensibility that's unusual for the genre. Think of Japanese band Envy and their post-rockish tendencies or perhaps consider Canadians Fucked Up and the way they stretch beyond the confines of the typical 2-minute punk track. Abduktio embraces similar tendencies and make it their own. "Kevään merkkejä" ("Signs of spring") is the centerpiece of the album, a song about the environmental consciousness that rises out of watching the world thaw, but also a song about similarly waking up to all the injustice of the world around you. Clearing the frost from your eyes, as it were. I love the way the song twists and turns, the subtle unexpected melodic shifts, the crisp recording that allows every instrument to be equal in focus. Despite the non-standard structure, the piece never loses direction and always returns seamlessly to the various refrains. Thank goodness there's bands like this out there to push boundaries.

Abduktio - Kevään merkkejä