MP3: Murmansk - Nothing but the moon

I don't cover nearly as much Finnish music as I probably should. I mostly blame that on the language barrier, but I also know I could do better and that's why I've decided to (mostly) focus on Finnish artists the rest of the week. I already covered the hardcore band Abduktio yesterday, so today we turn our attention to Murmansk, a shoegaze/dreampop band from Helsinki with a female vocalist and, as they say themselves, an aggressive edge. "Chinese locks" is the band's debut album and it's out on Around Your Neck, a young new label that, judging from earlier releases, specializes in 90s nostalgia, though I'd say it's the wrong kind (ugh, Pavement - no thanks). Murmansk on the other hand, hearken back to the late-80s heyday of 4AD, evoking the darker, more ethereal qualities of artists like Cocteau Twins or Dead Can Dance, but tempered with the noisy outbursts of The Pixies. Once you find out the band started life as a postrock instrumental trio before adding vocalist/guitarist Laura Soininen, the end result makes even more sense. It's heavy, atmospheric and, all in all, immensely satisfying. And, for a debut album, quite impressive. Very recommended!
NOTE: Please see Thursday's post for a small correction/update.

Murmansk - Nothing but the moon