MP3: Black Uniforms - F.O.A.D.

The new Backyard Babies single "Fuck off and die" is a pathetic attempt at edginess from a band past their prime. They can curse all they want, but it won't change the fact that the song sounds like "Lick it up"-era Kiss and that's about as dangerous as a fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. If you want to hear that sentiment expressed in an actual threatening manner, you've either got to go to the title track of Darkthrone's latest album "F.O.A.D." or head even further back in time to Black Uniforms' song off the 1986 "Back from the grave" demo. Leave it to the dirtball thrashers to get it right! Black Uniforms not only wrote a far better song, they even outdid Backyard Babies in the glam department, combining crustpunk-style spiked leather jackets with huge poofy hair and makeup, a look I think is definitely due for a revival. Download today's track and head over to the Backyard Babies website to compare and contrast. I think you'll agree.

Black Uniforms - F.O.A.D.