MP3: Joachim Willumsen - Turning 24

I suspect that most readers don't care/don't remember Kazakstan even though I posted an mp3, did a profile piece and even rated their 2006 self-titled album as an honorable mention on my best of 2006 list. Yes, my enthusiasm defied contagiousness. Well, it's been two years now since I've heard anything new from the band and I have no idea what's going on with them, but I did recently receive a few solo tracks from Joachim Willumsen and I'm happy to report that they pick up right where the band left off. Same folksy vibe, same understated melodicism, same great music. 24 going on 35, I'd say. Shame that the acoustic format doesn't give him the opportunity to show off his talent for clever arrangements, but the clever twists of the lyrics make up for it. It's also a shame that artists like this often go unrecognized. Quirk free ≠ boring.

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Joachim Willumsen - Turning 24