MP3: Those Dancing Days - Home sweet home

I really like the new Those Dancing Days single "Home sweet home" quite a bit, despite any misgivings and low expectations. It reminds me a lot of classic riot grrl punk in that it's brimming with infectious youthful vigor, enough so that I think a rougher, less produced recording would have brought it out even more. The drums really drive the band, so I'm glad they're one of the most dominating things in the mix. On the other hand, their youthfulness does have a downside in terms of naivety. As much as I appreciate TDD's spunkiness, they really don't have anything to say and that's a shame. Pop music doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be empty and the band is in a perfect position because of their age and gender to be outspoken. As good as this is, I believe they can do better.

Those Dancing Days - Home sweet home