MP3: Passiv Dödshjälp - Exorcism i beslagtagen kropp

Look, I know that a majority of the readership here is all about the indierock and I know there's a lot of exciting new releases this fall, but honestly, all I've been jamming lately has been crustpunk and jazz. The indie coverage will return later; today I'm going to post something from Passiv Dödshjälp (not to be confused with the band Aktiv Dödshjälp). Guess which category that one falls into? The band's self-titled CDr demo came to me via Halvfabrikat offshoot Halvkass Produktion whose motto reads: "CD sucks shit. Vinyl is for rich fuckers. CD-R is future." Yup, punk as fuck and totally on the level. Musically, Passiv Dödshjälp doesn't offer a lot of surprises. This is straight-up brutal Swedish crust ala Skitsystem/Disfear/et al. with a bit of added heaviness in the form of death-metal tremolo breaks and hardcore breakdowns. Both are prone to abuse, but the band pulls off the former with ease. The latter, not so much -- all too often the results are way too generic and predictable, not to mention out of place. Leave the chugga-chugga breaks for the meathead hardcore. Regardless, the band's ferocity often makes up for it; they're young, they'll figure it out. They also overindulge in pre-song samples, another trait of youthful naivity, but again, it's all good as far as I'm concerned. Live and learn.

Here's the opening track from the disc - like I said, it's pretty damn straightforward aside from the extra metal goodness on the chorus (and the THX opening), but they do it well so I'm happy to recommend it.

Passiv Dödshjälp - Exorcism i beslagtagen kropp