MP3: Black Rose - The end

Halloween isn't Halloween without a little King Diamond, so today I've got a track for you from Black Rose, King's band pre-Mercyful Fate. The group formed in 1979 and put out a few records, but the stuff I like best are the rehearsal tapes that were reissued in 2001. The band always had a killer hard-rock sound, but on this stuff the organ is way louder, giving them an even stronger Deep Purple/Iron Butterfly vibe. And for those who are convinced that King's, uh, "distinctive" vocals are not to their taste, you may be surprised here because he doesn't really do any of the falsetto wailing he's known for. Lyrically, it's still pure comic book horror, so naturally that's why I'm offering it to you on this fine Hallow's Eve, but it's not prototypical scary metal. And dig that extended jam that makes up the bulk of the track! Maybe not quite as awesome as some of Fate's best work, but still damn cool, especially that organ solo. Crank it up and have a happy Halloween!

Black Rose - The end