Auton - Any where out of the worldAuton
Any where out of the world
Structures Sonores


This first album by Swedish trio Auton, "Any where out of the world", had been in the works for several years before it finally got its proper release on Viktor Sjöberg's Structures Sonores label. All the time that went into its production really shows in the multi-faceted approach to music that is represented here. The three musicians shift from straight-out jazz to drone to postrock to Satie-like piano moments with such casualness and grace. All the while, tone colors remain uniformly warm and inviting with keyboard instruments and the occasional guitar dominating the picture. It all sounds very analog and "vintage" indeed, and there is even room for some humor along the way (say, a short handclap "solo", for example). Yet, despite its sometimes rampant diversity, the record is unified by countless repeating small melodies for the listener to hold onto. All in all, Auton have used their impressive, yet never overbearing virtuosity to create a dramatic journey through everything that contemporary music could and should be. My Scandinavian record of the year.
- Arnulf Köhncke