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The Animation gives us typical English alternative rock from the late 80s to early 90s with its underground melancholic sound, first associated with London, nowadays with Göteborg. They sound fascinatingly as British as a band can sound, imagine a blend between Keane, just a bit of Radiohead going into the same sentiment as The Verve and with a small portion of the modern vibe, The Killers. "Everest" is their debut and what a debut then! It's a kickass start for these guys and it will probably grow international, parallel to The Hives. Professional, deep and gloomy could be the headline for this album which contains 11 songs, all worthwhile listening too. Highlights are, without any doubt, title track "Everest", "Overboard", and "Confessions"; where lead vocalist Johan Hasselblom sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay. Really, this is a red thread coming back and forth in a few songs, but don't be confused because even so, this is more edgy, more! A promising band for Göteborg, shall we expect internationalism and commercialism? Maybe. However, The Animation, with their brilliant song techniques and great instrumental blend, is something for you out there who are classical alternative rock diggers; heads up for this album.
- Therese Buxfäldt