They Live By Night - s/tThey Live By Night
Razzia Records


The band They Live By Night split up in 2007, but are now back with the new self-titled album and it's definitely not a bad restart. The band has dropped some edge and guitars since "Art & wealth" to replace them with a more traditional pop-sound. This might not be something bleeding edge within its genre, considering the strong drums, whistling and the soft vocals. But it is without any doubt, very well done. "Catching up" is the first track of the album and it sets the energetic happy pop-mood that follows all the way through. At times it feels like a time-machine back to the Sweden's 90's pop-scene, for example, I find the song "Standing by the sea" similar to Staffan Hellstrand's 1993 hit "Lilla fågel blå". TLBN's new release is high-quality pop and it sticks to you, for a while.
- Morten Frisch