MP3: Next Life - Sol blade

Videos games are no longer the niche domain of freaks and geeks, but I think it's safe to say that video game music still is. Sure, groups like Desert Planet have their crossover appeal, but you know that when fans are showing up wearing their Power Gloves, you're dealing with a limited audience. It's a shame too because there's actually a lot of good acts taking bitpop-inspired music in new directions, such as Norway's Next Life. They've got a lot of glitchy thrash that makes Single Unit so great 'cept not quite so ADD-addled. Songs play out as long as they need to, even if they max out at 2:40 at their most loquacious. "Sol blade" is median territory; a mere 1:19, but chock full of ideas and plenty epic. The tails-end lead-in to the next track ("Antartic blade", should you be wondering) is a total cliffhanger too. I don't fit the target audience of someone who can jam to this stuff daily, but it's way fun and always brings a smile to my face when I do put it on.

Next Life - Sol blade