MP3: Penny Century - Valencia

More and more bands are beginning to understand the value of giving away their music for free, but honestly, how much of it is actually worth downloading? Chances are you haven't noticed, but I've really tried to pare down on the amount of crap I post so it's more quality, not quantity. Even still, I can barely keep up with it all so I know the majority of readers are likewise behind the curve. Swedish indie act Penny Century posted a free EP last month, but it took me weeks to give it a thorough listen despite Mattias Alkberg illustrious name being attached to the credits. What's wrong with me, right? Like I said: too much music, too much crap, diminished expectations. Good thing that these guys are damn good because they jumped right out at me when I threw 'em into a shuffle playlist of new tunes not too long ago. It was one of those "I must know who this is!" moments when you hear something for the first time and immediately understand it's greatness. Penny Century are like that, a solid, instantly-gratifying indiepop act. Obviously reminiscent of early Bear Quartet, but also with their own identity and personality. Good songs, good feelings. Mattias' appearance is merely sugar on top of the frosting, by no means the main attraction. Check out the title track below and then go here to download the rest.

Penny Century - Valencia