MP3: Ison & Fille - Jag skrattar idag

I get seriously bummed sorting through all the new Swedish hip-hop, hoping to find something good. For awhile it seemed like the forward-thinkers were taking charge and releasing great records, but now? I'm not so sure. So much of what's popular sounds like 3rd-rate garbage to me, lazy copies of American artists. Leave it to the standbys to keep up the quality then -- for example, not only has Promoe been putting up a ton of decent-to-better tracks for free download, but we've also got Ison & Fille's new single "Jag skrattar idag" to get us through. It's a fitting song for me today as well, since my workday was abysmal. What can you do but laugh it off? Especially when it starts off with a unnecessary 5am phonecall. "Jag skrattar idag" has a lazy, whistling melody, but the kick and bass push the beat and keep things moving. Insistent in an underhanded way, I suppose you could say; it drives far harder than you might realize. Fits my mood and fits the season, too. And not to damn them by comparison, but you could certainly do far worse. Also, once again proving the best Swedish hip-hop is still done på Svenska.

Ison & Fille - Jag skrattar idag