MP3: Björn Kleinhenz - I hate it when you go

My pal Björn Kleinhenz has a new album out today called "Head held high on fearsome pride" and of course it's great, as expected. Even better: all benefits go towards the medical care of Humle, Björn and his girlfriend Yrsa's rabbit. Best: Not only is it stupid cheap (€3.70!), it comes with bundled with cover art, lyrics and a digital scrapbook of pictures from the island of Fårö where Björn wrote and recorded this record. I actually just purchased a copy myself even though Björn had already sent me the mp3s. Like I said, it's for a good cause and I am more than happy to demonstrate my support. For further enticement, here's a selection for you to listen to called "I hate it when you go". The sound is unmistakably Björn Kleinhenz, but I also think that island living has rubbed off on him. It's very relaxed, very comfortable and yes, very very good. If you dig the pastoral and very personal mood of Iron & Wine, especially the first album, you'll love this for sure -- it's got a lot of that same feeling. To purchase the rest of the record, go here:

Björn Kleinhenz - I hate it when you go