MP3: The Amazing - Dragon

This song is a repost, but it's a slightly better-mastered version than the version I had up before and besides that, it's well worth revisiting -- especially today on the autumn solstice. Anyhow, I'm way too busy today to rip a different track from my LP, not that it's even worth doing when you consider that digital copies are surely floating around somewhere. So! Like I said, this is perfect music for transitioning from summer to fall. The mood of the music is pure sepia and even the lyrics reflect the time of year, though the feeling would be the same no matter what they were singing about. It's my album pick for the season, to be sure. If you dig on mellow psych sounds, it might do the same for you too, despite your feelings on the members other projects (Dungen, Granada, The Guild). The Amazing has 'em beat.

The Amazing - Dragon