MP3: Rising - Dead kings

Indie/hardcore dudes attempting to play metal is a dicey proposition, hence me approaching Danish act Rising with extreme caution, especially considering the "true fucking metal" banner they fly on myspace. However, in their favor I will concede they have a legit metal brother in guitarist Jacob Krogholt (ex-Withering Surface), but is he enough to offset the potential poseurtude of drummer Martin Niemann (Marvins Revolt) and bassist/vocalist Henrik Hald (Trust)? Or maybe those dudes are just slumming it with their other bands, finally able to let loose their inner-hessian with Rising? It's not an unreasonable question because I must concede that yes, they do successfully bring the heavy. Rising leans a bit towards the angular sludge of Unsane or Årabrot more than, say, the true metal glory of Manowar, but that's not such an awful digression IMO. If you're still in doubt, just wait for the solo section on this track and your opinion might be swayed. And really, I'd much rather hear a band like this than any 4th-rate thrash revival, even if it isn't exactly denim-vest and bullet-belt material or the truest of true. It's heavy and I like it, that's enough.

Rising - Dead kings