MP3: Bröderna Lindgren - Annan sort

The new Bröderna Lindgren album "Presenterar meningen med livet" is seriously good, way better than the debut even, despite the core group of guest vocalists remaining more or less the same. There's some fresh blood though and I think that's what takes it over the top: Firstly, we have Those Dancing Days singing on "Dom bästa"... pleasant enough, but not living up to the title. Secondly, we also have Hajen (now called Jaw Lesson) singing two songs -- I think she has a great voice with an intriguing rough edge, but she's yet to fully wow me and her songs are merely good, not great. Keep an eye on her though because she's definitely going places and if you don't believe me, listen to fellow bloggers Absolut Noise and Swedesplease because they are both big fans. No way can I deny her potential. However, by far the best contributor on this record would have to be Britta Persson. Her opening cut "Annan sort" is brilliant, perhaps even one of the best songs I've heard this year, twinkly harpsichord be damned! No matter what material she's dealing with, Britta always has a strong, instantly recognizable voice and she always sounds stunning. Even better, she continually challenges herself by taking on all sorts of different genres and styles and still continually improves on everything she's done before. So yeah, I'm quite impressed. Definitely recommended.

Bröderna Lindgren - Annan sort (feat. Britta Persson)