Axe, EL-SD & Karpis - Live @ Snövit, Stockholm, 10/24/09Axe, EL-SD & Karpis
Live @ Snövit, Stockholm, 10/24/09

There's a nice noise-hardcore-scene vibe going around Stockholm with some amazing bands gigging in basements and bars and such, under the radar of -- or underestimated by -- the established clubs; these bands are getting their gigs by themselves and getting together a group of friends in a hole in the ground serving beer. Anyone paying attention will recognize that most members tonite are the usual suspects and this one featured, among others, members of Traktor, Emerson Fittipaldi, Seven Feet Four and Bruce Banner, on stage and in the audience.

Axe kicked off the night with some ferocious hardcore-noise-punk in the vein of Brick and that old hardcore band from Sigtuna that I can't remember the name of right now. They were really cool. They've got hooks! Check out their myspace and you'll see what I mean (the song "Firmafest" is an amazing stand-out!). They also are not afraid to go mid-tempo for some noise-intensity. The live-experience was great, yet lacking some volume and conviction, but hopefully they'll iron this out. If they do, this band will be a force to be reckoned with.

EL-SD were a bit more heady, recalling early Unwound, Sonic Youth, even early Quagmire (!) as well as sporting "Yank crime"-era Drive Like Jehu song lengths. I was blissing out ofc, with the amazing gzzz-ing and no-wave picking guitars of David Fried right in front of me and bumping into Frippe going crazy wielding the bass. Good shit, this.

Karpis went metal on me, taking noise-rock down drop-tuning with growling even. They were bringing it, but I was kind of done unfortunately, trying to flirt, drink beer and stuff instead. I'll catch more of your set next time guys, promise!

So, fellow travelers, when in Stockholm, I humbly suggest you forgo established venues, constantly applying the one-size-fits-all-indie-dancefloor after every damn concert, for the basement jovial hardcore-scene-experience. Get your promille up and cheer for your new-found favourite underground band! You can even pogo a bit if u'd like.
- Mathias Rask-Andersen