MP3: Champagne Riot - The champagne anthem

Of all the EPs that Shelflife Records put out so far since their resurrection, Champagne Riot's was by far the best so it's hardly a surprise that the band's new material is similarly great. Mainman Caspar Bock spent the last year or so doing time as a backing member of Nortern Portriat; meanwhile, he hired (and fired) a new backing band, before regrouping as a duo with the addition journalist/critic Anders Reuter. The new goal: same as old, creating perfect pop. Hearing the new demo track "The champagne anthem", I think they succeeded. Again. It doesn't have the lofty grandeur of previous hot number "Scandinavian warfare", but the wordiness and unapologetic self-referentialism is fabulously fun and the chorus is infectious. Blatant pop romanticism hasn't sounded this good in a long time.

Champagne Riot - The champagne anthem