MP3: AC4 - Pigs lose

I had no doubts that AC4's self-titled debut would be decent even if some of David and Dennis' post-Refused/Final Exit meanderings have been sub-standard because I know their hearts are in the right place and they really do truly believe in what they're doing their place in the hardcore/punk/DIY world. And of course, there's no faulting the cred of their bandmates from The Vectors. My only point of contention: Dennis' vocals. His affected screech is pretty tiresome with The (International) Noise Conspiracy (not that Ian Svenonius did much better with Nation of Ullysses or The Make-Up, but I digress), but to hear him raging in full-on hardcore mode... I am satisfied. Still prefer David on the mic, but whatever, give me anti-cop anthem with a catchy chorus and I'm happy. Give me a few more (see also "Fuck the pigs", "Coptown") and what can I say? I love it.

AC4 - Pigs lose