Top 10s for 2009: Björn Kleinhenz

You have a pretty ok idea I think of how this year has been for me. In February me and my girlfriend Yrsa moved to the little island Fårö on the east coast of Sweden and I would have to put that as number 1-10 with nothing inbetween. Being able to do nothing for eight months, living in a beautiful old house just by the sea and having time to work on music is such a luxury. I am quite sure I will look back on that period as one of the best ones of my life. Sentimental maybe, but probably also very true. That together with the tour I just came back from made 2009 a very nice year. Touring solo again for the first time in ages was a great experience. Getting a chance to really spend some time with the songs I have written during the year and rediscovering older songs that made their way into the live set. Going to Italy for the first time was a treat. I consider myself quite lucky to be able to travel around like this playing music.

So. My brother is coming home from work in a while, and since I am sleeping on his couch for a few weeks I need to take care of my au pair duties. I have to wash up some dishes and start preparing dinner.

Take care B

Björn Kleinhenz's latest album "B.U.R.M.A." is out now via DevilDuck Records/SellOut! Music/Tomt Recordings. He also self-released the album "Head held high on fearsome pride" earlier this year.