Top 10s for 2009: Tomas Halberstad

This is the Tomas Halberstad, top ten, in no particular order but still numbered (for your convenience), off the top of my head, list for 2009.

01. Twitter.
Really helps me get my message across to no one when I have no message to get across to anyone.

02. Little Dragon.
I think their record "Machine dreams" is the only record that came out in 2009 that I have listened to repeatedly. Listened to and liked. It's also one of the few records that I have listened to in its entirety this year.

03. Sneakers and Beer.
I've gotten, or maybe perfected, two new hobbies this year. The first one, the first perfection; sneakers, was a must, a necessity. I've always liked shoes but this year I became a vegetarian. And, in my version of vegetarianism you do not buy leather products (or any other product derived from killing or suffering). So, I had to get more hardcore about finding sneakers since they more ofter than not, are made from leather.
The second hobby; beer, came to light because (I think) of the fact that I now am over 30 years old. Can't be drinking crap then (now?). So instead of quitting all together, or switching to whiskey, I turned elitist.

If anyone has any tips regarding a good veggie-sneaker store, please do tell!

Current favorite: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale!

04. Started Recording.
In October I started recording my second album. 'nuff said

05. Berlin.
Camilla and I went to Berlin. We went there to be there on November 4:th, our anniversary! We've now been together 5 years and it felt great! I love you Camilla!
Must throw in a recommendation for Cookies Cream; the hardest to find, but best, veggie restaurant ever!

06. Arsenal. Just log on and love. Football (real football, where the player use their feet to move the ball around the pitch the majority of the time) as it was meant to be!

07. iPhone/Spotify for iphone
Never has a gadget and a function made so much sense.

08. Bosse.
My sister's, and in some manner; the family, cat passed away this year (and i write passed away instead of dies or something like that to emphasize just how much of a family member he was). Now, I have a pet of my own. He is a dog. he is called Bosse. I really love that little bear and I cherish every moment with him. (Even the times when walking him feels like lugging around a 35 kg lump of concrete.)

09. The Internet.
Little me ran a campaign on my site this year. I gave away a copy of my album "The anger", with a hand crafted cover, to the first unique e-mailer from any country in the world. All I asked in return was that the recipients send a picture to me in which they were holding, or whatever, the record. The response was amazing!
Up until the campaign, my album had only been heard of in the Nordic countries (apart from the odd exception) and now I've sent albums to such, from where I am, far away places as Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore!

10. September.
I will always remember September of 2009. It was almost a month of perfect weather. Partly cloudy, with little amount of cold and large amount of sun and around 20C all the time. The weather has such a great influence on my over all mood... Just thinking back makes me happy.

Tomas will be spending his 2010 studying and of course recording, releasing and raking in from his sophomore album.