MP3: Nirvana 2002 - Slumber

The best new music is old, that's a fact. I may have an ever-increasing list of upcoming releases I'm excited about, but when I go to the record store I'm either thumbing through used bins or, more likely, checking out all of the excellent vinyl reissues that have been hitting the shelves. Another fact: wwo of 2009's best releases were from Death and Zero Boys, two mostly forgotten acts whose OG material smokes current up-and-comers. Similarly, the reissue of Nirvana 2002's discography by Relapse Records proves they don't make 'em like they used to when it comes to Swedish death metal. Yes, we are in a genre resurgence and there are plenty of fine acts out there keeping the flames burning, but I don't think any of them are this good. Nirvana 2002 was always a band I saw referenced in countless thank-you lists back in the day, but whose music I never heard, so I'm way stoked to finally get a chance to hear what I was missing and damn, I was missing a lot. Not all lost gems are worth recovering, but this one certainly qualifies.

"Slumber" first appeared on the "Disembodied spirits" EP back in 1990, released by Fredrik Holmgren's , the precursor to (not that you'd know it style-wise). This particular version is newly remixed for the reissue and sounds much clearer and more brutal than the original, but even that take is included on the flip of the LP just in case you miss the tape hiss. In case it wasn't obvious, the sound is pure Sunlight Studios, the blueprint for the burgeoning genre to come. And of course, the song itself totally slays. It's a fact!

Nirvana 2002 - Slumber