MP3: Haust - Skate rock

is Norway's best label and while I highly anticipate every release, getting something new from Haust is extra special because they are the label's best band. They have few peers when it comes to heavy, ugly, blackened hardcore. The band's next release before their sophomore album drops in May is a split 12" with fellow Oslo denizens Next Life, yet another one of Norway's best (more on them at a later date), and it offers us 4 new ragers including the one I'm giving to you today, "Skate rock". Once upon a time, skateboarding and punk/hardcore went hand in hand; I was never any good at it, but I definitely got lots of music tips via Thrasher and/or my skater friends. In fact, that's how I got into underground music in the first place. Nowadays it seems like skating is more hip-hop oriented, but perhaps it was a lack of anthems that drove them away -- hard to believe it's been 23 years since Suicidal Tendencies released "Possessed to skate". We need a new song and Haust provides. Drop out of life with board in hand?

Haust - Skate rock