MP3: EP's Trailer Park - Holy diver

I spent a good deal of time online yesterday reading heartfelt tributes to Ronnie James Dio, a man who was not only incredibly talented and blessed with a long career, but also much loved by everyone he came in contact with. The overwhelming consensus is that the man was one-of-a-kind, humble and friendly to everyone and well-worthy of his iconic status. I only saw him perform once (on the "Angry machines" tour circa '97 IIRC), but it made me a fan for life. I went in with absolutely no expectations and he put on the kind of performance that befits a man of his reputation, even though he at that point, quite far from the soaring heights of his earlier career. Speaking to other folks these past few days I know there's plenty other Dio fans out there who are missing him and, as you can hear from this mp3 post, his influence actually extends further than you might expect! EP's Trailer Park plays Americana-style folksy rock but, like many children of the 80s, he knew and loved Dio as a youngster: "It was 1984, I was ten years old and I was cycling to the ice rink in Visby for a hockey practice. I had a brand new yellow Sony Walkman and in it was a tape with Dio's debut album. I was wearing something that should resemble spandex pants (my mother had made them for me) and a denim jacket with a picture of the album cover of "Holy Diver" on the back. Hard rock and ice hockey was my entire world and Ronnie James Dio was god." I doubt he was the only one. This is Eric from EP's Trailer Park's tribute to the man, performed with backup support from Christian Kjellvander and recorded with Tobias Fröberg.

EP's Trailer Park - Holy diver (feat. Christian Kjellvander)