Rasmus Kellerman - The 24thRasmus Kellerman
The 24th


For fans of Tiger Lou, "The 24th" will feel a little like coming home after a long absence 末 echoes of tracks like "Sam, as in Samantha" and "Like you said" quietly haunt the album's more melancholy works, and the overall feel of "Is my head still on?" is recognizable throughout Rasmus Kellerman's debut solo effort. The optimism of the self-titled opener, which finds Kellerman reflecting on his youth, fades into "The greatness & me", a track that starts with fond memories of childhood, images that are used as comparisons to a bleaker present and the unknown future, the theme of the following track, "Five years from now". These opening three compositions move wonderfully through past, present, and future, showcasing not only the musical and vocal talents of their creator, but Kellerman's vision and strength as a storyteller. Not all of "The 24th" is as obviously interconnected as these first three tracks, but numerous images and themes recur throughout the album 末 laying in the shade of trees, houses by the ocean, the seeming incompatibility of one's past and present coloring their idea of the future, to name a few 末 granting "The 24th" a powerful sense of coherence. While not all of the songs are of the caliber of "The greatness & me" or "Five years from now", the record never stumbles, and, as an album that can be played through in its entirety, has grown on me a little more with each listen.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson