MP3: Britta Persson - Toast to M

"Toast to M" is oddly cheery sounding for a song about suicide, but I suppose that's the point. It's about making peace, not wallowing in misery. It's also an obvious standout on Britta Persson's new record "Current affair medium rare", which is one of three great new Swedish albums out this season, all fairly obvious picks from established artists. As with the others, one of Britta's best qualities is her consistent progression -- she abandoned straightforward girl-with-a-guitar based songwriting with previous album "Kill Hollywood me" and has now gone further into rhythm-heavy composition, building songs around memorable beats. Naturally, having someone as gifted as Per Nordmark (Fireside, Bad Hands, etc... playing Friday at Debaser Malmö for IAT! Clubnights) as your sideman certainly helps, but let's not diminish Britta's wonderful phrasing, among other highpoints. There's lots to like, moreso on the record as a whole.
Also note that Britta Persson will be one of Club Killers' special "secret" guests at Strand on October 8 where she will be singing "Bleeding love" and "Kids in America" with the band. So there you go, two must-see shows on each side of Sweden. I won't be anywhere close, but I would if I could.

Britta Persson - Toast to M