MP3: Penny Century - Fiver

I am excited to premiere a new track today from Penny Century, still one of my absolute favorite Swedish indiepop acts and yet somehow, still also currently unsigned. But let's not dwell on that travesty and instead dig into the music, a track entitled "Fiver" which they describe as "perhaps not the most radio-friendly song," but one that best exemplifies the "difference between this album and the last." Which is not to say that the difference is really all that drastic, but "Fiver" does indeed show a much mellower and subdued side of the band. Of course, Julia Hanberg's vocals shine through as strong as ever and the band's melodies are still super catchy, though with a much stronger emphasis on the keyboards. I'm not fortunate enough to have heard any more than this one tune, but if it's more along these lines, I'm sure I'll love it. As for the future, the first "official" single from the album "James Hurley" comes out on Christmas Eve and I suppose the album itself (working title: "Friends and family") will follow sometime thereafter, either via the band's own label or via some other smart person who decides to pony up. Perhaps it's time already for me to get my 2011 watchlist started?

Penny Century - Fiver