Top tens for 2010: Robert Bäckström (Skrammel)

1. Bäddat för Trubbel - anyone of their songs are great, but this one is the best:

2. I had a great laugh when the news came out that the Swedish king has had an affairs with 90's dance act Army of Lovers singer Camilla Henemark. Best thing was that it just continued to grow with new odd facts. Such as the rumor that they had first met at Nivå 22 -- probably one of Stockholm's worst night clubs ever, one filled with drunken 18 year old hooligans and guys with tribal tattoos all over the place.

This is how he looks like,
This is how Camilla looks
and this is how chavs look like.

You have to agree that the combo is somewhat unusual and really entertaining.

3. To celebrate the above: Kriminella Gitarrer - Knugen Skuk (The dick of the king)

I know that the oldest journalist in the whole of Sweden (Mats Olsson) wrote about this already but I had planned to use this in the list long before he wrote it. He is the copycat!

4. Robyn's performance at Popaganda. When mainstream decides to not be mainstream anymore it becomes sort of magic.

5. When Calle Bylund decided to give The Nature a homemade music video in birthday present (or something, it was a gift anyway)

6. The first ten seconds of this wicked Axemaster video. The props, the outfit, the acting. It is better that Manowar's gloves of metal

7. The new wave of dirty lyrics punk that counters the ridiculous new morality that are growing like buboes all over Stockholm.

8. Ebba Grön -- They tend to always appear on lists like this, but I guess it is for a reason.

9. Let do another Bäddat för Trubbel song!

10. Graveyard - no explanation needed

Robert Bäckström who will continue to run the label with Mattis Ruwe in 2011 too. They will continue to release all the good music that you wanna hear. They will release a Missbrukarna-compilation on vinyl beginning of next year. You heard it here first!