MP3: Mechanical Bird - Eternity and such

Mechanical Bird are a great, low-key Danish act who fall under the radar far too easily, despite my admiration of them in the past. They released a new EP back in late October, yet here I am only now just getting around to talking about it. January is supposed to be a quiet month, but no, I keep finding myself buried in more and more work, getting further behind. Anyhow, "Eternity and such" is a highlight of said EP, anchored by gently plucked banjo and metaphysical queries. The first note of the vocals always has me thinking that they'll go into some Simon & Garfunkel-style harmonies, but when the chorus actually does come in, the gentle female backing vox (by Sarah Hepburn?) give it a different feeling entirely, something a bit more twee. Otherwise, the song builds with a subtle kitchen sink approach, layering in additional little oddities with every iteration until the gathered multitudes applaud themselves at the end. Low-key for sure, but not worth passing up entirely.

Mechanical Bird - Eternity and such