MP3: Faster Katt - Each dawn I die

I get the feeling that people don't take Faster Katt very seriously and unfortunately, hearing them cover Manowar will probably not change that. Truth be told, Faster Katt are a great band, far better than most folk's false impression of them as a goofy "sideproject" would indicate and, likewise, Manowar is/was also a great band. Yes, the self-proclaimed Kings of Metal are ridiculous and over-the-top, but their early records are a perfect blueprint of True Heavy Metal, especially "Hail to England", the release this song originally appeared on. Make fun of them all you want, it's easy to do, but us fans know the truth. My question however, will the members of Faster Katt be at one of Manowar's upcoming three (!!!) shows at Trädgårn in Göteborg? Will they hold the sign of hammer high? Or will they be wimps and leave the hall? My feeling: they've got the gubbestyrka, they will heed the call.
Check out the rest of the band's latest demo at Bandcamp:

Faster Katt - Each dawn I die