047 + Tomas Halberstad - Let you go (video + interview)

Tomas Halberstad and 047 have just co-released a brand new single and since Tomas is such a nice, easygoing guy, I'm making him answer a few questions about said single. And oh yeah, the track is pretty good too!

So how did this collaboration come about? Whose idea was it in the first place?

This is what I think happened:
The guys in 047 decided they wanted to record another album, while they also wanted to introduce some vocal-elements into their music. Not wanting to sing themselves they decided upon doing some collaborations. They know me from Punk of Country and from my solo-stuff, and we have mutual friends, so they asked, and I accepted.

Did they give free reign to do whatever you wanted vocally? Did you have any other input on the song or what?

The song is a collaboration in its true sense.
I came to their studio with a verse and a chorus, chords and melody, and we recorded a track with just guitar and vocals. Then, they proceeded to produce the track. Decided what went where, changing a chord there, adding a melody here. Then I got the backtrack, wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals.
The process was really enjoyable. So enjoyable, in fact, that we have decided to record two more tracks. (Where they'll end up, I don't know.)

What else are you up to? Got any other music of your own in the works?

Well, I've just released an album, giving homage to the surroundings of my childhood. It's instrumental, electronic and not for everyone. But, the tracks had been collecting dust for some time, so I thought it would be best to get them out there. That album is called "1989". I'm also working on my 'songs for the seasons', if you will. Having released "Summer Love AA" and "Autumn Fall AA", I still have Winter and Spring to record and release. The songs are done, the recordings aren't. And, to top it all off, I am working on the marathon project that is my second album. I am in the lyric-writing part of the process but I just can't seem to get my thoughts on paper. It's all about death. The basic tracks for the record are all recorded. It sounds like Tom Petty.