MP3: Alouatta - The comeback

Sorry I've been MIA on the editorial front, but it's probably not gonna change much for the foreseeable future either. While Europe heads into summer slowdown/festival mode, I'm getting more work piled on me than there are hours in the day. However, I do have a list next to me on my desk of artists I'm long overdue to cover and I really am gonna try my best to get through them one way or another in the not-so-distant future. First up, here's a little something from Alouatta off their brand new 10" "DIY EP" (out now via ) where they out-Wipers the Pacific Northwest. No kidding, for all the bands local to me that attempt to emulate said regional sound, Alouatta has em beat in every which way. Seriously, if someone told me these dudes were from Portland, I'd believe them. And yeah, that's an endorsement.

Alouatta - The comeback