Anima Morte - The nightmare becomes realityAnima Morte
The nightmare becomes reality
Transubstans Records


If you're in any way familiar with the work of legendary Italian horror director Lucio Fulci and his longtime musical collaborator Fabio Frizzi, you'll adore this second album by Swedish prog-horror crew Anima Morte. Whilst the entire album harks back to the good old days of Italian horror, there are notable similarities between various songs and their cinematic counterparts, all given a prog-metal overhaul. "The revenant", for example, is like an updated version of Frizzi's work on "City of the living dead" whilst the title track isn't too far removed from Stelvio Cipriani's sterling work on Umberto Lenzi's 1980 classic "Nightmare city". There are numerous examples of this on here -- too many to list in a review -- but mention must be made of that fact that this album is a creative homage to an inspirational film movement rather than a rip-off of cult soundtracks. A sublime production highlights every nuance of the band's wonderful creativity and, while the music will appeal to a select audience rather than wow the masses, it will wow anyone who gives it a chance.
- John Norby