MP3: Moto Boy - Love is the one thing you can't pretend

Most of my summer listening this year has been revisiting old favorites, partially because there's been few 2011 releases that have stuck with me, but also just because that's what summer is for. Also, as mentioned yesterday, I've also been listening to a lot of pop lately and there hasn't been much in that department that's blown me away recently except for maybe Kaka. And the new Kite, but we'll get to that eventually. What interests me most though, are the artists that didn't make a huge splash with me the first time around; instead, they lingered on the periphery until they eventually work their way into my permanent playlist. For instance: Moto Boy. I've always liked Moto Boy, but three years on I've finally realized that yes, I kinda actually do really love him/his music. The best pop music is always about the grand gesture and Oskar Humlebo's sweeping falsetto is a case study. Dunno why it took me so long to come around, but Moto Boy has staying power, a rarity in the endless stream of mediocrity.

Moto Boy - Love is the one thing you can't pretend