MP3: Kite - I just wanna feel

Now that I'm no longer preoccupied with site development I hope to spend a lot more time writing up actual editorial content. Y'know, stuff that goes beyond the day-in/day-out newsfeed that already takes up way too much of my time. Besides, I've been hugely remiss in talking up an overwhelming majority of the stuff I've actually been listening to in my free time. A glaring example: Kite's latest (and greatest!) EP "IV" -- I've had this in steady rotation going on 6+ months now with no sign of slowing; it really truly is that good. And while they've certainly achieved greatness before, I could easily gush about any of the five songs here. So for no particular reason other than that it's the first track, here's "I just wanna feel". Listen to the rest via Spotify.

Kite - I just wanna feel