MP3: In Solitude - To her darkness

Due to a bummer last-minute scheduling change I managed to miss most of The Devil's Blood when I went to The Decibel Magazine Tour last Friday -- sorry, but leaving work immediately at 5 to commute an hour+ to a show that starts at 6:30 just isn't happening -- but it wasn't all bad because In Solitude absolutely tore it up. I've been a fan of the band's self-titled debut for awhile now, but their most recent release "The World. The Flesh. The Devil" just didn't do much for me until I heard the songs live. What sounds lifeless and meandering on record came alive with the extra oomph they added on stage. Too many metal bands are soulless and too technically exacting in-person, but not In Solitude. As for Watain, my tolerance for black metal is fairly minimal these days so I would've probably been fine simply smelling them setting up and thinking "yup, I get it." I lasted 3 songs and retreated back home to a local band houseshow that was far more my thing (Gun Outfit/Family Stoned).

In Solitude - To her darkness