Today's Friday oldie comes from Abhinanda off their final album "The rumble", originally released back in 1998 on Desperate Fight Records (No, I'm not writing in the straight-edge Xs). The band started off as kind of a generic moshcore band (as was the fashion in the mid-90s) before finally figuring out what they needed to do to be awesome, releasing one last record and then breaking up. Gee, haven't heard that story before, right? I actually don't really know that much about these dudes otherwise, but they were definitely a fixture of Umeň's legendary hardcore scene of the time. Not many bands of the era aged well, but Abhinanda's rocked-out sound holds up just fine. Tons of gang-vocal shouts, a fierce stop-and-go rhythm section and just enough melody and dissonance to keep things interesting. Best of all, it's fun. Now why aren't there more bands like this today?