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Trine + Kim designstudio celebrate 10 years

Norwegian visual artists Trine + Kim designstudio celebrate their 10th anniversary of work with a retrospective exhibition on their many iconic album covers (Ulver, Mayhem, DHG, Darkthrone, etc.) and a book collection entitled "Decade". There will be a release party and mini-concert on October 30 at Podium in Olso (RSVP req'd) and I believe their works will be on display for the following two days in the same locale.

Sirius playlist week #32

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. TALK 1
02. Elias and the Wizzkids - Mr. Right Guy
03. Marit Bergman - Thoughts grow darker in the night
04. Jomi Massage - I see those who died
05. The End Will Be Kicks - Luleå Los Angeles La Paz
06. TALK 1
07. Viola - Shimmery summary (sha-la-la-love)
08. The Bear Quartet - Sailors
09. [ingenting] - Halleluja!
10. TALK 2
11. Erik de Vahl - Got it all
12. The Scrags - Twist at the graveyard
13. Trapdoor Fucking Exit - DOA
14. Iisole - The words
15. TALK 4
16. Death By Kite - Scared of heights
17. Sonic Ritual - Take the edge off
18. Mainliners - Olivia
19. Ted Gärdestad - Räcker jag till
20. TALK 5
21. Darkthrone - Hiking metal punks

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Faithcraft interviews Darkthrone

The Malaysian webzine Faithcraft Productions interviews Fenriz of Darkthrone:

Fenriz makes a mixtape for Vice

Fenriz from Darkthrone made a thrash/death metal mix for Vice which they are offering for free download:
Tons of great cult acts there -- well worth checking out!

Valhall's 3rd album now released, 9 years later

It appears that Norwegian doom act Valhall (feat. Fenriz of Darkthrone) finally managed to put out their never-released 3rd album "Red planet" via Housecore Records, the label run by Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, etc.). See here:

Darkthrone album reviews

Word on the street has it that Darkthrone's next album this fall will be called "Black mountain totem".

The roots of Norwegian death metal talks the history of Norwegian death metal with Fenriz (Darkthrone), Anders Odden (Cadaver) and Kjetil Manheim (Mayhem):

Engangsgrill e-card

Check out an e-card for Engangsgrill, the doom split featuring Fenriz from Darkthrone and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest:

Terrorizer talks to Fenriz about Engangsgrill

Terrorizer interviews Fenriz (Darkthrone) about his recently unearthed doom project Engangsgrill:

Presenting: Engangsgrill; feat. Fenriz, Nattefrost

Check out Engangsgrill, a split project featuring Fenriz from Darkthrone and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest playing their version of stoner-rock:
The debut album is out on May 11 via Indie Recordings.

Hole in the Sky celebrates 10 years with 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky'

Norway's Hole in the Sky festival will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a special all-star performance featuring Enslaved plus members of Darkthrone, Emperor, Mayhem and possibly more. Read on:

MP3: October Falls - IV

I don't keep up with black metal much anymore since the scene has become so large and fragmented. Of course I still follow the old heavies (Enslaved, Darkthrone, Satyricon, etc.), but there's so much new crap to wade through, I rarely bother. Every once in a while though I'll come across something, whether in print or from a personal recommendation, that will pique my interest and I'll check it out. So I don't know if it's this more reserved approach or a much-improved bullshit detector, but I'm finding that the few new BM acts I'm checking out tend to be above-average. Hence my latest example, October Falls from Finland. Their sound is a tad on the retro side -- I hear echoes of "Nightside eclipse"-era Emperor, a bit of early Ulver -- but it's also progressive in a way that brings to mind US artists such as Weakling and Wolves in the Throne Room. The Wolves comparison is especially apt actually, especially in the way they embrace environmental themes. After all, the album this track is from is entitled "The womb of primordial nature". Now I can't say if they're involved with eco-terrorism as has been insinuated about Wolves, but does it really matter? So much of BM's appeal is in the mystery behind the artists. Anyhow, it all comes down to the music in the end and October Falls makes beauitful, epic soundscapes that takes on qualities of shoegaze and drone, but always remains undeniably metal. Perhaps not melodic enough to win over non-metal converts like, say, Alcest, but very recommended for anyone interested in hearing that old mid-90s sound made fresh.

October Falls - IV

Unrestrained interviews Darkthrone

Darkthrone has reprinted their excellent new interview from Unrestrained: Recommended reading!

Decibel hangs with Darkthrone

Darkthrone are the cover story for the new issue of Decibel:

Sirius playlist week #51

Here's the playlist for this week's (all-punk/hardcore) radio show:

01. Darkthrone - Hiking metal punks
02. TALK 1
03. Ebba Grön - Staten & kapitalet
04. Massgrav - Jävla fittor
05. Disfear - Live the storm
06. Samtidigt Som - För jag tror att ingen annan kan känna såhär för dig
07. TALK 2
08. We Live In Trenches - Autonomy clinic
09. MABD - Kom kom
10. Black Sheep - Crazy world
11. C.Aarmé - Ti ca tu a
12. Sods - Television sect
13. TALK 3
14. No Hope for the Kids - Rainy day
15. Frivolvol - Take it from the beginning
16. Hanna Hirsch - Ingen kommer sakna oss
17. Silver - Drenched in comfort
18. TALK 4
19. Randy - Win or lose
20. Victims - Your division
21. Smalltown - Warning
22. Lögnhalsmottagningen - Bodybuilder
23. M:40 - Sista tiden
24. TALK 5
25. Hebosagil - Cosmic

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