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Hunt - Fight

Brand new stuff from Susanna Brandin and Hunt (ex-Winter Took His Life).

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

New song from Karin Dreijer Andersson on tsunami benefit comp

Karin Dreijer Andersson of Fever Ray/The Knife has contributed a new track that she composed for the recent staging of Ingmar Bergman's "The wolf hour" by The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm to a new compilation album benefitting Japanese tsunami victims. The collection is called "We are the works in progress" and other contributors include Broadcast and DeerHunter. More here:

MP3: Splashgirl - Creature of light

When your bassist is also billed as "drone commander", I'm pretty much sold from the get-go. continues to champion acts that occupy the peculiar space of "drone jazz" -- see also Huntsville or the likewise excellent V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble whose 2010 album "Lover man" was a serious sleeper hit -- and Splashgirl is yet another exemplary example of the genre. Unlike the stereotypical notion of jazz being focused on the individual virtuoso or even the lock-step ensemble arrangements of a big band, this is music that is primarily obsessed with mood and feeling. Dynamics, texture and space are key. More and more I'm finding this to be my go-to music when I can't decide what else to listen to as it's always perfect.

Splashgirl - Creature of light

Morgenbladet top 100 Norwegian albums of all-time

Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet polled 100 musicians for their favorite Norwegian albums of all time and has compiled the results into a list 100 long and here's the top 10:

10. De Press - Block to block
09. Röyksopp - Melody AM
08. Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen - Belonging
07. deLillos - Suser avgårde
06. The Aller Værste - Materialtretthet
05. Knutsen & Ludvigsen - Juba Juba
04. Kjøtt - 12"
03. A-ha - Hunting high and low
02. A-ha - Scoundrel days
01. Radka Toneff/Steve Dobrogosz - Fairytales

For the full list, including various individual contributors' selections, go here:
If you have Spotify, listen to album #1 right here.

Interview: Henric de la Cour

Interview: Henric de la Cour

Hubro to release new album from 1982

Coming soon via , "Pintura", the sophomore album from Norwegian improvised chamber act 1982, an ensemble consisting of harmonium, drums and Hardanger fiddle:
Considering 's other stellar recent releases (see: Splashgirl, Huntsville), I have to say that I'm extremely excited to hear this.

MP3: Huntsville - For flowers, cars and merry wars

Love, love love Huntsville and can listen to them pretty much endlessly. Their music lends itself to such applications very easily in fact. In the same way that Vladislav Delay with Moritz von Oswald Trio explores the sounds of minimalist drone/techno as a live band, so does Huntsville; albeit with a slightly more accentuated acoustic/jazz bent and less of the cold dubbiness. While active listening can be quite rewarding, I prefer to turn it up and let it effortlessly drift by. Before you realize it, this song (the title track of the band's latest album) will have passed you by and you'll be left wondering where the last 19 minutes went.

Huntsville - For flowers, cars and merry wars

MP3: Autodafeh - Stompers

I'm kind of obsessed with this song right now. It's not new, but it's new to me and I stumbled across it while falling down an extended EBM wormhole in my possibly misguided attempt to investigate new Swedish music of that genre. I say "misguided" because as much as I enjoy this stuff when it's done well, so so so SO much of it is absolute garbage and I've been let down too many times. Then there's the fact that if you get too self-conscious about how truly goofy this stuff can be -- for instance, I can think of at least three tunes that rip off Front 242's bounty Hunter motif in their classic "HeadHunter" -- it's very easy to write it off, but let's not go there. It's aggressive dance music, you should expect a certain amount of lunkheadedness. Autodafeh go the extra mile by demanding you to MOVE. The rhythmic heavy breathing is the icing on the cake. Turn it up and pretend you're this guy.

Autodafeh - Stompers

Hubro to release Huntsville/Splashgirl split

will be releasing a series of limited edition LPs starting with a split featuring Huntsville and Splashgirl, both of which also have full-length albums of their own out now on the label. Anyhow, said split will contain previously unreleased material and only 200 copies total will be made for sale. More info and preorder details:

For flowers, cars and merry wars preview

Check out a sample of the new Huntsville album "For flowers, cars and merry wars", due out April 1 via :

Melody Club - The hunter (video)

Melody Club's new video for their Melodifestivalen entry "The Hunter" is now streaming at Aftonbladet:

Manifest 2011 winners

Here are the winners of this year's Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative/indie Grammy:

Pop: Anna von Hausswolff - Singing from the grave
Dance: Cloud - Hökarängen Space Program
Synth: Code 64 - Trialogue
Hardrock: Ghost - Opus eponymous
Danceband: Shake - Request vol 1
Rythym: Million Stylez - Everyday
Jazz: Lekverk - Everyday
Punk: Antipati - Frågor som rör det allmänna
Hip-Hop: Zacke - Visst är det vackert
Best live: Robyn
Unsigned: Katakomb
Rock: The Bear Quartet - Monty Python
Folk/Visa: OK Star Orchestra - Sound classique
Experimental: New Tango Orquesta - Vesper
Singer/Songwriter: The Tallest Man On Earth - Wild Hunt
Best lyricist: Johan T Karlsson (Familjen)
Best composer: Britta Persson

More here:

Manifest 2011 nominees are go

The nominees for the 2011 Manifest Awards, Sweden's indie/alternative Grammy, have been announced:

Anna von Hausswolff - Singing from the grave (/)
jj - jj No 3 ()
CEO - White Magic ()
Nicolas Makelberge - The Unforgettable Planet ()

Cloud - Hökarängen Space Program ()
Dmitry Fyodorov - Shapeless ()
Jarl & Fotmeijer - Lifesigns ()
Skudge - Samlad produktion ()

Code 64 - Trialogue ()
Cryo - Hidden Aggression ()
Page - Nu ()
Social Ambitions - Almost gone ()

Ghost - Opus Eponymous ()
Watain - Lawless Darkness ()
Khoma - A final storm ()
Dark Tranquility - We are the void ()

Haci Tekbilek - Türlü ()
Helt Off - Marknadens Soldat ()
Million Stylez - Everyday ()
Serengeti - Standing Steady ()

Elin Larsson Group - Live and Alive ()
Lekverk - Everyday ()
NEO (Nässjö Extreme Orchestra) - NEO ()
The Country - The Country ()

Antipati - Frågor som rör det allmänna ()
Hårda Tider - Gatan Kallar ()
Old Fashioned Ideas - We're in this shit together ()
The Baboon Show - Punk Rock harbour ()

Academics - Tare Lugnt 4 ()
Carlito - Guldburen ()
PH3 - Löser ett fall ()
Zacke - Visst är det vackert ()

Bad Hands - Take The Money And Run ()
Dundertåget - Dom feta åren är förbi ()
Pascal - Orkanen närmar sig ()
The Bear Quartet - Monty Python ()

Anders Svensson, Magnus Gustafsson, Susanne Gustafsson, Anders Löfberg, Jörgen Svensson - Bålgetingen, Låtar efter August Strömberg ()
Mats Edén, Daniel Sandén-Warg, Leif Stinnerbom, Magnus Stinnerbom - Anno 2010 ()
OK Star Orchestra - Sound Classique ()
Ola Magnell - Rolös ()

Ombudsman - And His Father Was A Great Machine ()
Erik Enocksson - Man tänker sitt ()
Leif Jordansson - The Comet / The Doll Maker ()
New Tango Orquesta - Vesper ()

I'm Kingfisher - Arctic ()
Daniel Norgren - Horrifying Death Eating Blood Spider ()
The Tarantula Waltz - Did Not Leave To Find But To Forget, To Leave Behind ()
The Tallest Man On Earth - Wild Hunt ()

Best live act:
Anna Von Hausswolff
The Tallest Man On Earth

Best unsigned act (in collaboration w/P3 Lab):
Alice B
Broken Boys

Winners will be announced at a ceremony on February 4 at Nalen in Stockholm. More info:

Norma Sass - Holy night

Norwegian female rock act Norma Sass are giving away a new track as a free download:
Look for the band's new album "Hunting for treasure" to be released on January 24 via /.