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There's not really anything there yet, but Snowy Shaw (Notre Dame, ex-Mercyful Fate, King Diamond) has finally opened up his new website:

Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, the core guitar duo of Mercyful Fate, will release the debut album from their new band Force of Evil January 26 on Escapi Media. The band also consists of bassist Hal Patino (King Diamond), drummer Bjarne Holm (Mercyful Fate), and vocalist Martin Steene (Ironfire). Various samples are available on the band's website here:

Notre Dame, the band fronted by Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Dream Evil, etc.), will release their new album "Demi Monde Bizarros" in February, not April as previously reported. The tracklist:

01. Munsters!
02. The Ride
03. The Stripper
04. My Ride Into Afterlife
05. Bon Voyage Mutherfucker
06. Hitmusic For Hitmen
07. Verbal Diarrhoea
08. Beyond The Threshold Of Pain
09. S/S Hellride
Bonus live tracks:
10. These Boots Are Made For Walking
11. The Wurld Is Sick

Dream Evil, the Swedish power-metal supergroup featuring acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordström (from Studio Fredman, too many credits to list) and Snowy Shaw (Notre Dame, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, etc.), will be entering the studio on December 15 to begin work on their third album, tentatively due out in early 2004 on Century Media.

No Tolerance Records has announced the onset of 'Operation Grindstorm', "a new phase of punishing grooves, tortured vocals, hi-speed attack drumming and guitars like carpets of cluster bombs" taking form as the new CD "The Art Of Today" from Relevant Few. As with most grind releases, they promise the fast parts are faster, the heavy parts heavier etc etc which of course adds up to everything being more brutal than ever, but you can decide for yourself by listening to some samples: "Is there no hope?" / "Lustrous Pattern".
The record comes out November 24 and sports cover art from the oft-utilized Travis Smith (Opeth, King Diamond, Katatonia, Anathema).

Swedish death metal legends Entombed have added a second Seattle show to their current US tour itinerary at Studio 7 on October 26. Single Bullet Theory and Nocturne will open, as well as local acts The Braindead, In Memorium, and NME Vs. the World. As a reminder, tonight's show in San Francisco will not feature tourmates King Diamond, but will still go on as planned at the DNA Lounge with a cheaper door price. If only I didn't have to get up so early tomorrow...

A couple new dates for the upcoming King Diamond/Entombed tour:

10/22 - The Pound SF / Pier 96, San Francisco, CA (outdoors)
10/23 - The Edge, Palo Alto, CA
11/21 - Ridgela Theatre, Ft. Worth, TX

Northside Records has solidified the lineup for the upcoming Nordic Roots Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Cedar Cultural Center from Septermber 19-21. Here's the details:

09/19 - Harv and Gjallarhorn

09/20 - Tigerlily (new quartet from Norway, featuring Nordic bagpipe, and exotic strings like Senegambian konting and Chinese moon guitar), Ellika Frisell with Solo Cissokho and Filarfolket Reunion (exclusive)

09/21 - Joe Chvala and the Flying Foot Forum (dance) with live accompaniment by Filarfolket and special cameo by Swedish trio Vind (Ale Möller, Sten Källman and Thomas Ringdahl), Swedish trio Nåra (Gunnel Mauritzson, Björn Ståbi and Bengt Jansson), and Maria Kalaniemi with Sven Ahlbäck and Johan Hedin

More info:

The first set of dates for the upcoming King Diamond/Entombed US tour have been announced! Promising "one of their most elaborate stage performances to date", KD will be out in support of the new album "The Puppet Master" which will be out right before the tour kicks off. Entombed's latest album "Inferno" doesn't 'officially' come out in the US until next year (see 08/01 for details), but they'll have copies for sale at shows. Here's what I know so far:

10/18 - Key Club, Los Angeles, CA
10/19 - Bang Your Head Festival (The Scene), San Diego, CA
10/20 - The Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA
10/25 – The Fenix, Seattle, WA
10/28 – Ogden, Denver, CO
10/31 – The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
11/04 – Opera House, Toronto, ONT
11/05 – Club Soda, Montreal, QUE
11/06 - Toads Place, New Haven, CT
11/07 – L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY
11/08 – Downtown, Farmington, NY
11/10 – Obsessions, Randolph, NJ
11/11 – Crocodile Cafe, Allentown, PA
11/13 – Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
11/14 - Jaxx, West Springfield, VA
11/15 - Metropol, Pittsburgh PA
11/17 – Twilight, Tampa, FL
11/18 - Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/22 - White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX

Edge of Sanity has revealed that guitarists Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Firegod) and Simon Johansson (Memory Garden, Abstrakt Algebra, Firegod) will be making appearances on the groups upcoming comeback album "Crimson II", due late summer on Black Mark Records.

Blabbermouth has confirmed that the rumored King Diamond/Entombed (see 07/02) is indeed a go. No dates have been announced yet, but the Metal Maniacs-sponsored tour is tentatively set to start October 20 on the west coast.

Blabbermouth says that Entombed and King Diamond are possibly planning a US tour together starting sometime around October. I sure hope this is true, because that'd be an awesome show.

Last Days of April's most recent album "Ascend to the Stars" just got a US release on Crank! Records this week and they've put up quite a few samples from the album on this page. Also, in cooperation with Now On Tour, they have an online contest where you can win a copy of said album along with a poster.

In case you didn't know, Entombed's new album "Inferno" has been delayed for August 4. It seems the reason behind the change is that their label Music for Nations's parent company Zomba was bought out by BMG and they had to shift the entire release schedule. Anyhow, they still have a couple gigs this summer and plan to start touring for the record around the same time it gets released. They'll also be filming a video for the track "Retaliation" later this week.

Opeth reports that their upcoming co-headlining tour with Porcupine Tree will feature their more mellow material, as they are supporting the new, mostly-acoustic "Damnation" album. They say they may even bust out the old song "To Bid You Farewell" from "Morningrise" among other ballad-esque tracks. In other touring news, they say they are working on a Scandinavian tour for October and November. Details when I get 'em.

The Ark will be playing Germany next week and their show on June 7 will be webcasted by Rockpalast. You can also participate in a live chat with the band on the same date from right here.

Musicbrigade and Startracks have put up a couple videos for public viewing:

Buck - Dead Time Race
Revolvo - Moscow Mule

JR Ewing has announced they will supporting Mars Volta for two UK gigs:

07/08 - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
07/09 - Electric Ballroom, London

Some of the new acts confirmed for the upcoming Accelerator The Big One shows: Christian Kjellvander & Lazy Grace Frontier (Malmö), Franke (Gbg), Mattias Hellberg (Gbg), The Radio Dept. (Sthlm), and Komeda (Sthlm). has put up a bunch of new streaming video channels, including one for Northern Europe.

Also from, here's this week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. Turbonegro - Fuck The World
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. A-Teens - Perfect Match
05. C21 - She Cries
06. Kashmir - Rocket Brothers
07. HIM - Funeral of hearts
08. The Cardigans - You´re The Storm
09. Her Majesty - F.U.N.E.R.A.L
10. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
11. Dallas Superstars - Fast Driving
12. Darude - Music
13. Equicez - Live From Pass It
14. Melody Club - Cover Girl
15. Jennifer Brown - Weak
16. Mando Diao - Sheepdog
17. Antique - Moro Mou
18. Jon - This Side Up
19. Kwan - Shine
20. Paragon - Försök Förstå

01. The Klerks - Shame
02. Da Buzz - Alive
03. The Narcissists - Fanatik R.I.P
04. De Stijl - Date Times
05. Grand Tone Music - Become Whatever

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Carola - Guld platina & passion - det bästa
02. Da Buzz - More than alive
03. Robert Wells - Rhapsody in rock the complete collection
04. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
05. Tommy Körberg - Gränslös - det bästa med
06. Alcazar - Alcazarized
07. Style, Sandelin & Ekman, Freestyle - Samlade hits
08. Her Majesty - Happiness
09. Moneybrother - Blood panic
10. v/a - Fame Factory volym 5
11. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
12. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
13. Fame - Give me your love
14. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
15. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
16. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
17. Eddie Meduza - Live(s)!
18. Martin Nilsson - En del av mig
19. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
20. Jill Johnson - Discography interviews Burst, who they call "one of the best new bands of 2004." As mentioned here recently, Burst features bassist Jesper Liveröd who just quit Nasum to focus more time on this band. Their second forthcoming album "Prey On Life" apparently was recently picked up by Relapse Records in the US and comes out sometime this fall.

Check out some sample mp3s and video from Bobby's new album "Romantic & Bleeding", out now on Imperial Recordings.

Drummer Henry Ranta has left Soilwork in order to dedicate more time to his personal life. The band's statement:

"After playing in Soilwork for five years, our dear friend and drummer Henry Ranta has decided that he can no longer continue to play in Soilwork. There are no hard feelings between Henry and us in any way, and we will still remain amazing friends, he will always be a true Soilworker. We wish him all the best of luck with his decision and we're sure we'll cross paths again in the future!"

And Henry's own personal statement:

"I guess this is supposed to be a statement of why and when I decided to leave Soilwork, but since this is a well thought out decision (not an easy one though) I will try and keep away from the sentimental 'bullshit' and just focus on the hard facts. Combining my daytime job, rehearsing, recording and touring with Soilwork has basically worn me out. This didn't really make a difference the first couple of years in Soilwork, but as time went on I started digging a black hole for myself. For the past two years I haven't really found any joy playing, and with all the tours coming up this year I felt that it was time for me to leave. Playing in Soilwork has been my life 24/7 for five years now, and at one point last year, I started to open my eyes to a lot of things that has been neglecting, just because I had been to concentrated on one thing only. Basically I'm gonna start investing more time in things that are making me happy right now. I'll take a peek at the other side, and I'm pretty sure that I'll enjoy what I'll find. But you're not gonna get rid of me yet though. It's not like I'm gonna stop playing drums. You will still hear me fucking shit up in The Defaced [his other band w/Darkane guitarist Klas Idebergand] other projects. A really big thanks to all Soilwork fans for amazing support throughout years — Love ya all! Finally I would like to say a big fucking 'hell yeah' to the band for five beautiful years of insanity."

Force of Evil has posted a couple new mp3s online: "Hell on Earth" / "Eye of the Storm". The band features in its ranks ex- and current Mercyful Fate members Michael Denner, Hank Shermann (both on guitar), Bjarne Holm (drums), Hal Patino from King Diamond's band (bass), and Martin Steene from Ironfire (vocals). Their as-yet untitled album is due out later this month on an unspecified label and they promise it will be "loaded with evil-riffing and lots of guitar solos." Dude.

Here's Christian Kjellvander's latest updated tour schedule:

06/05 - Eskilstuna, Strömsholmen
06/14 - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestival
06/26-29 - Roskilde (Denmark), Roskildefestival
07/01 - Malmö, Accelerator The Big One
07/19 - Skellefteå, Trästock
07/26 - Ängelholm, Tullakrok (solo)
07/30 - Strömstad, The Cod
08/07 - Emmaboda, Emmaboda-festival
08/09 - Göteborg, Göteborgskalaset

Askil Holm has enlisted Daniel Hovik as a new member for his backing band on keyboards. Daniel used to play with Askil in the band Attack and also currently plays with Hugo, who will be playing at the upcoming Kristiansand show too. The rest of the band's dates going into fall:

06/05 - Tønsberg, Event
06/07 - Isle of Jøa, Faksdal Pub
06/13 - Rockstock, Rakkestad
06/28 - "Agent Cody Banks" Premiere, Fredrikstad
06/30 - Kristiansand, Quart - Kick Off, Markens
07/10 - Høylandet, Høylandet Revyfestival
07/12 - Stavern Festivalen
07/19 - Tjøme, Gamle Ormelet (unplugged)
07/26 - Etne, Fugl Fønix
08/07 - SU Leir, Tvedestrand
08/08 - Steinkjer Martnan, Torget
08/15 - Namsos Martnan, Festplassen
08/27 - Steinkjer, Studenten
09/04 - Bergen, Kvarteret
09/12 - Stjørdal, Hell Bluesfestival
09/19 - Verdal, Catz

Melody Club has annouced their full list of summer tour dates. Here's the schedule as of now:

05/14 - Hamburg (D) Molotow
05/15 - Düsseldorf (D) Unique
05/16 - Weinheim (D) Cafe Central
05/17 - Berlin (D) Bastard
05/18 - Kassel (D) K19
05/19 - Frankfurt (D) Cookys
05/20 - Dresden (D) Downtown
05/21 - München (D) Atomic Cafe
05/23 - Göteborg Liseberg / Okej Dagen
05/30 - Eskilstuna Blå
05/31 - Härnösand Högslättens Isstadion
06/06 - Drammen (NO) Working Class Hero
06/06 - Hultsfred Hultsfred Festival
06/06 - Visby Gutekällaren
07/01 - Östhammar Musikveckan
07/04 - Sundsvall Sundsvalls Gatufest
07/05 - Kristianstad Tivolirock
07/11 - Arvika Arvikafestivalen
07/19 - Mariehamn, Åland Rock Off Festival
07/23 - Hedemora Hedmora Parken
07/26 - Karlskoga Stranddagar
07/30 - Visby Gutekällaren
08/01 - Östersund Storsjöyran
08/02 - Stockholm Pridefestivalen
08/06 - Gävle Gävle Cityfest
08/08 - Emmaboda Emmabodafestivalen

Johan Bergqvist has posted all three songs from his new single in RealMedia format over at his (newly refurbished) website. Check em out in the upper right-hand corner.

Billboard reviews the US release of "Living in America" from The Sounds.

Stylus Magazine has named Norway's Rune Grammofon their label of the week.

Massproduktion has announced that they will be reissuing a remastered version of the very first Left Hand Solution seven-song EP "Shadowdance" on CD with five extra bonus tracks, three of which are previously unrereleased. It's been ten years since the recording first came out and serves as an almost-complete document of the era when Kicki Höijertz fronted the band.

The Flicker will be playing Club Clampers in Stockholm on May 17 and the first 25 attendees will receive a copy of their new CDr "Phases". Download an mp3 of the track "Consulation" right here. interviews the avant-metal band Solefald and black/dark metallers Aeternus.

Samson & Rourke recently published an interview with Anders Wendins of Moneybrother. (in Swedish)

The new Lost Patrol single "All Right" featuring Lisa Miskovsky comes out June 2. For those that don't know, LP is the solo project of International Noise Conspiracy frontman Dennis Lyxzen.

Even more bands added to Popaganda fest in Stockholm: Doktor Kosmos, Isolation Years, Superheroes, Miss Universum, José González, Tiger Lou, Carpet People, Mano & the tears, The Search, Blanka, Callahan, Ebon Tale and Anna Vnuk.

Starting on June 3 Swedish Radio P3 will have a week-long feature on Swedish music. Be sure to check it out and remember you can listen online at their website.

The Caesars recently had the single "Sort it Out" featured during an episode of the UK's most watched soap opera Eastenders. Listen to the track here. Like I've said before, expect big things from these guys. The band has also been confirmed for the 'new bands' stage at Glastonbury fest which takes place June 27-29.

The Ark, Hammerfall, Looptroop, Paola, Her Majesty, Evergrey, Moneybrother and Mando Diao have all be confirmed for Göteborgskalaset on August 8-16.

Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate), Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Dream Evil, Notre Dame), Sharlee D'Angelo (Mercyful Fate, Witchery) and Simon Johansson (Memory Garden, Abstrakt Algenra) have all teamed up to form a new band called Firegod. Mike's statement on the current state of the group:

I'm more than thrilled to be joined by some of the guys I consider to be the most creative and talented in Scandinavia. Me and Simon [have] been working really hard for almost two years writing and demoing something like 40-45 tracks... These tracks will be the perfect frame for what I'm sure will become a concept album that will stand out among the rest! People into our older bands as well as our current ones WILL NOT be disappointed!

They expect to have an album out around early 2004.

The new Finnish death-metal "supergroup" Chaosbreed has posted a couple sample mp3s from their demo for downloading:

01. Wretched Life
02. Rotting Alive
03. FC/DC (Freedom Corps Death Crush)

As mentioned before, Chaosbreed features vocalist Taneli Jarva (ex-Sentenced, The Black League), guitarist Marko Tarvonen (Moonsorrow), guitarist Esa Holopainen (Amorphis), among others. The band is currently entertaining any serious offers for booking or label support and anyone wanting to get in touch should email them at

David & the Citizens and The Knife are both receiving gold disc awards from Border Music in Sweden for sales of over 5000. It's part of a new initiative enacted by the company to encourage and reward independent labels. The ceremony will be held at Pustervik in Göteborg on May 23.

In other D&tC news, the band's album "For All Happy Endings" was just reviewed in English over at

Lovitt Records has announced they will start taking preorders of the new Division of Laura Lee collection "97-99" with songs from before they signed with BHR/Epitaph. Email for more info or visit the label's website. You can also download a preview mp3 of the track "Stereotype" if you're curious about their old sound, which they describe as "reminiscent of the DC post-punk sound with a dash of Drive Like Jehu." The record hits stores June 16.

The Cardigans are now scheduled to play a couple German festivals this summer: Rock am Ring on June 6, Rock im Park on June 7.

Christian Kjellvander is working on a video for the track "Homeward Rolling Soldier". Keep an eye out for it around March or April. In the meantime, check him out on tour:

03/05 - Oslo - So What
03/07 - Halmstad - Diezelfestivalern
03/08 - Nybro - Mejeriet
03/14 - Norrköping - Kulturkammaren
03/15 - Jönköping - Kulturhuset
03/17 - München/Germany - Orange House w/Brendan Benson
03/18 - Dresden/Germany - Star Club w/Brendan Benson
03/19 - Berlin/Germany - Magnet w/Brendan Benson
03/20 - Munster/Germany - Gleis 22 w/Brendan Benson
03/22 - Bochum/Germany - Matrix w/Brendan Benson
03/23 - Örebro - Strömpris
04/04 - Helsingborg - The Tivoli
04/05 - Ronneby - Föreningarnas hus
04/15 - Copenhagen/Denmark - Lille Vega
04/16 - Århus/Denmark - VoxHall

See the video for Dub Sweden's new single "Walk Me Home": Modem / Broadband

Wolf will be entering Abyss Studio in June with producer/engineer Peter Tägtgren to work on a new album. Look it around fall from No Fashion Records with cover art from Holm (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond) that will include "a lot of fire." Sweet. They also plan to do a video and tour.

The lineup and dates for the upcoming Norweigan Zoom tour has been annouced. Scheduled to play are Helldorado, Johndoe, Nicolai and X.Lover. The dates:

3/5 - Luftslottet, Grimstad
3/6 - Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger
3/7 - Caledonien Scene, Kristiansand
3/8 - Sort og Blå Scene, Porsgrunn
3/11 - So What!, Oslo
3/12 - Hulen, Bergen
3/13 - Meieriet, Sogndal
3/14 - Kroa, Volda
3/15 - Tapperiet, Molde
3/20 - Blårock, Tromsø
3/21 - Sinus, Bodø
3/22 - Hydranten, Hamar
3/27 - The Spitz, London

Norway's Sondre Lerche seems to be on his way up in the world, at least over here in the US. Read this feature about his recent show in Baltimore. More info and a sample here.

Lars Winnerãck is back from his self-imposed sabbatical and ready to work on his new album "Söndermarken", whose title is inspired by the Danish park. Read more here. (in Swedish)

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. C21 - You Are The One
03. St. Thomas -Long, Long Time
04. Winta - Emotions
05. The Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghostriders
06. The Cardigans - For What It´s Worth
07. Grant - Just The Thing
08. Sahara Hotnights - Alright, Alright
09. Caesars Palace - Candy Kane

01. The Embassy - It Never Entered My Mind
02. Håkan Hellström - Den Fulaste Flickan I Världen
03. Kashmir - Surfing The Warm Industry
04. Desmond Foster - Love, Love, Love
05. The Knife - Heartbeat

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

The Crystal Committee (members of Starmarket) and The Lost Patrol (Dennis from t(I)NC) have both been confirmed for the upcoming Umeå Open fest. Other acts already confirmed include Cult of Luna , Advance Patrol, Ison & Fille, Marit Bergman, My Left One, Paris, and Peckish.

Finish 'polka-metallers' Finntroll have posted a .zip file containing an mp3 of a new song entitled "Visor Om Slutet". It's the first recorded material they've made public since being joined by new vocalist Tapio Wilska. Look for the track to surface on a new release sometime in spring.

Oh man, Mikkey Dee from Motörhead pulls no punches! Read what he has to say about Hammerfall:

Look at a band like Hammerfall and shit. They're going through the roof. When kids come up to me and say "Iron Maiden, they're almost as good as Hammerfall," there's something wrong, you know? I saw two kids with Iron Maiden-shirts, in Stockholm when me and Lemmy were there doing press, and I was sitting in the lobby waiting to get to the airport and I saw two eleven-year-olds with Iron Maiden t-shirts and I said, "Yeah, that's a great band you've got there" and they said, "Yeah, they're almost as good as Hammerfall, they sound exactly the same."

Then you realize there's something wrong here, you know. It's not a shit band, but it's incredible that they can hit the way they did. Anders is a great friend, and I hope to see Jens tonight. Someone told me that the Stratovarius guys are here. And the bass player, Magnus, he was the first bass player in Geisha. I fired his ass. He's an old friend since 25 years ago. So I'm glad for Magnus, and I'm glad for Anders. And Stefan is a good guy, the bald guitar player, he's good, but Joacim and Oscar, they can suck my cock. Because they really think they're god's gift to the planet, and I used to say don't shit on the ladder because you're going to climb on it on the way back. They pissed me off too much, let's say two years ago, by being rock stars. I've done this now for 22 years, around the world, and I'm no fucking rock star, I'm a normal guy, and I have a million friends around the world. They did a couple of fucking club shows and they were being the biggest rock stars you've ever seen in Gothenburg. It pissed me off because they were treating me almost the same way, and I said you should kiss my ass instead of throwing me out of the dressing room, you know? So I was pissed off. And Anders and Magnus, they had a long talk with Joacim and Oscar and said "Mikkey is really fucking pissed." So Oscar called me and he apologized and says he was so scared every time I showed up anywhere, and I said, "Oh, I'm not going to beat you up but you're still a fucking asshole." So they're like that when they see me. But I don't agree with that; I have a problem to see these fucking guys when they play one year then they're bigger than Mick Jagger. And the way they became big is by ripping off Helloween, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, even King Diamond stuff. I hear a complete rip off of some harmonies that are complete King Diamond stuff... And Helloween. And Accept. So, I mean, good luck to them, because I'm glad Magnus finally has a band, because he lived in an apartment of 27 square metres, for almost 20 years. He never had any money, he always played bass, he always stuck to his hard rock, and then he got a chance. I remember him calling me and saying, "Mikkey, I'm playing with a band called Hammerfall soon and we're going to do a tour," and I go, "Fucking great for you, Magnus." And then when Anders came into the band, he's a great drummer, that other guy was a fucking joke. So I'm happy for them. But I just can't agree on this rock star image, especially Oscar.

Read the rest of the interview with Metal Rules here. He actually talks a bit about the Scandinavian hard rock scene and dishes some dirt on W.A.S.P. and King Diamond, too.

The nominees for Norway's Alarm Awards have been announced. A sampling of the categories:

Pop: Jim Stärk, Monopot, Loch Ness Mouse, Hello Goodbye, and Thomas Dybdahl
Rock: We, JR Ewing, Gluecifer, Madrugada, and Gåte
Metal: Satyricon, Immortal, Red Harvest, Khold, and Arcturus
Live: Turbonegro, Jaga Jazzist, Gatas Parlament, JR Ewing, and Ralph Meyers & the Jack Herren Band

The Moonbabies report that they are now 3/4 of the way through recording their new album. It's scheduled for a March release on Chalksound in Europe and A Bouncing Space Recordings in the US. Here's a bit of what they had to say about it:

The new album sounds (at this point) like a hybrid between the more melodic parts of "June and Novas" and something totally colorful, new and unexplored. I definitely think we'll break some new ground with it. We started with a lot of songs and are on our way to narrowing down to twelve, or thirteen tracks. Funnily enough right now, we are working on an album of songs with no names. Unimaginary working titles like "apples" and "fear" are what we call the songs until they get finished lyrics and a real name, and it has been really hard to come up with the right titles for the this album. The best one's so far I think are "Bang goes another day" and "Fieldtrip U.S.A"... those I am proud of.

The band also finished their first ever video for the song "Over My Head". Filmed by the Swedish production company Colony and shot in Malmö, you can view it right here. (Requires Quicktime)

TSOOL is now confirmed to be entering the studio in January to work on their next record. Of course, you should have already suspected as such, but now we've got an official statement. As for their upcoming appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, frontman Ebbott had this to say:

"Being on the show will hopefully make a breakthrough easier, but you never know what effect these things have. But it's great fun!"

A Saturday Night Live appearance is apparently in the works, too. Pretty exciting!

Check out some new tunes in Real Audio from the folks at Promopop: By Heart - Catchy Music / The Leeches - World's End

Win some exclusive Motorpsycho stuff from NRK Stereo. (In Norweigan)

Recording of the new Entombed record is already beginning to wrap up. Expect a March release on Music for Nations.

Even more Entombed related news:

The band's Threeman Recording label is actually starting to get down to business. Entombed-side projects Murder Squad and The Project Hate MCMXCIX will be the first releases. There's also plans to do vinyl versions of the albums "Uprising" and "Morning Star".

Project Hate has parted ways with vocalist Mia Ståhl. That means they're looking for replacement female singer. Check their website for more details.

Washoe has apparently changed their name to Alpha Safari.

Uffe's old band Haystack has plans to do a one-off reunion gig in the near future. No date yet, but here's the band's lineup: Uffe - Guitar, vocals; Johan (Backyard Babies) - Bass; Jonas (The Maggots) - drums