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Slussenanalys - Liemannen (video)

New music from Finnish Noisepunx Slussenanalys, far more wheezy and drawn-out than anything I've posted from them previously.

Crunchy Frog signs Shiny Darkly

has signed Danish Noisepop/postpunk trio Shiny Darkly and will be releasing the band's debut EP in May.

If Society to release new LP from Vene

will be releasing a new LP in March from Finnish Noiserockers Vene. Hit up the label website for full details and a sample tune:

War - Brodermordet (video)

Iceage/Sexdrome techno/Noise crossover sideproject War now have a video for the song "Brodermordet" off their new 7" single "At war for youth", due out later this month via .

Marhaug/Merzbow album coming in March

Lasse Marhaug has collaborated with legendary Japanese Noise guru Merzbow in many ways over the years, but only in 2010 did they finally make a proper studio recording together in Tokyo. The resulting work is called "Mer mar" and will be released on LP via in March.

Presenting: Fas 3

Gaffa is reporting that there's a new Swedish "supergroup" called Fas 3 put together by Michael Alonzo of KSMB/Stockholms Negrer featuring Sören "Sulo" Karlsson (Diamond Dogs), Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric, The Hellacopters, etc.) and Inge Johansson (The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Totalt Jävla Mörker, etc.):
The new band's debut single "Dansa som en fjäril" will be released on Inge's label very soon and the band will make their live debut in Stockholm in 2 weeks.

Aversionline on Throat

Aversionline covers the latest 7" from Finnish Noiserockers Throat:

Ring Them Bells - Technicolor

Ring Them Bells, a new Danish indie/Noiserock act featuring ex-members of the bands Campsite and Lampshade, are giving away their debut single "Technicolor" as a free download:
Look for the band's debut album to be released later this spring.

Presenting Heather/Hollows

Preview a new track from Heathers/Hollows, the Noise/improv duo of Johannes Brander (Skogar) and Johan G Winther (Scraps of Tape, Thee Gutted String, etc.):
Expect a bunch of releases to surface later this year.

Misty Range - 7 years doin' hard time (live video)

A new live clip from Norwegian indie/Noiserockers Misty Range.

MP3: Livstid - Gravøl

Livstid is the rare example of a band that is actually too raging, so much so that I can't make it through the album in one sitting. It's not just wall-to-wall Noise either -- there's still plenty of melody and such -- but they are absolutely relentless in their arena-crust/d-beat attack. When a track comes up on shuffle at the gym, I'm stoked (in fact, I just did a set of 30 pushups while pondering this write-up), but there's no way I'm gonna fit this into my regular listening repertoire. So consider this a hesitant recommendation -- you'll know pretty quickly whether or not you need Livstid in your life from one short sample track.

Livstid - Gravøl

Top 10s for 2011: Absolut Noise

Top 10s for 2011: Thomas Ekelund (Soma Sema/Trepaneringsritualen)

Absolut Noise top 5 Swedish songs of 2011

Absolut Noise recounts his top 5 favorite songs of 2011 (and more in the archives):
Look for a slightly different top 10 list of Swedish music from Absolut Noise to be published here sometime next week.

MP3: The Pain Machinery - Paranoise

Last year I was all about ugly, apocalyptic hardcore, this year I find that a large proportion of my listening is geared towards getting (back) into industrial/synth/EBM. One group that I've been listening to lots is The Pain Machinery and while I can't post a track from their latest album "Surveillance culture" because their label politely asked me not to, I will share a track off their 2010 release "Urban survival". "ParaNoise" lacks the relentless, hard-driving beats that define much of the band's sound, but it's statement of extreme military/technology paranoia is a recurring motif, a concept well-served by the noisy clatter of machines. They can be used to work for you, but they can also work against you -- it's a variation of the same dystopic vision, an ever-present theme in this particular genre and one that comes closer to reality every day. As "Surveillance culture"'s opening track "Shine" states, "We are social media / television / you carry out what we command" -- there are dark forces at work against you, if you let them.

The Pain Machinery - Paranoise