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Festival report: Emmaboda

Norwegian indiepop singer/songwriter Ida Maria will tour the UK in mid-September. Dates include September 13 at Another Music = Another Kitchen w/Those Dancing Days.

Those Dancing Days' proper debut EP "Hitten" has been confirmed for release on August 29.

Here's a video of hype act Those Dancing Days from a test show recorded for a new SVT program:
I'll admit that there's potential, but I am still not sold.

Listmania! 2007 so far

Swedish indie hype Those Dancing Days have been officially picked up by V2 Scandinavia.

Those Dancing Days


Sweet as apple-pie pop from Stockholm highschool girls, led by a pounding Hammond organ. These four tracks emulate some of the true twee pop greats such as Bis and Girlfrendo. "Those Dancing Days", the northern soul inspired song which the band are named after, could easily fit onto the soundtrack of "Austin Powers". "Hitten", possibly the band's signature tune, is a fizzy pop number which will have you singing along instantly. If this band are not the next big thing, I am willing to bet my life savings that one of the members of this group will feature on a Top Twenty selling Swedish album within the next five years.
- Nick Levine