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Top 10s for 2011: Mattias Alkberg

Don Agbai - Sheffield revisited

Swedish indiepop/electro act Don Agbai are streaming a new track at myspace:
The group is also looking for a new label now that is no longer around, so interested parties should get in touch.

Maskinen - Dansa med vapen (video)

Hyped Swedish rap act Maskinen have a video for their new single "Dansa med Vapen" featuring guest vocals from Marina Gasolina (ex-Bonde Do Role):
The group's long-awaited debut "Boys II men" will finally be released on November 4 via Pope Records.

Swedesplease pays tribute to defunct indies

Kudos to Swedesplease for following up with epitaphs on quality Swedish underground indie labels that (more or less) disappeared without fanfare. First up in the series are Vapen & Godis and Yellow Mica.

Jonathan Johansson - En hand i himlenJonathan Johansson
En hand i himlen


Beginning with the dancetastic title track, Jonathan Johansson's debut albumshowcases the talent of someone who will surely be one of the biggest popstars to emerge from Sweden this year. Stylistically, I see him as the perfect successor to Kent (in particular their "Vapen & ammunition" album), but his sound is honed further down into slick. Catchy numbers of the uptempo set ("Sent för oss", "Högsta taket, högsta våningen") and the leaning-on-mournfulness of "Psalm noll noll" and "Du sa" all provide for a rather complete listen, especially considering it is a debut. "Innan vi faller" will obviously get many a U2 comparison, but one should not let that be a detraction from how great of a song it is. The only thing I find to be out of place on the album is his cover of "Everybody wants to rule the world" (here as "Alla vill ha hela världen"), as his originals are so strong it provides the albums weak point (also, I fear him becoming a "one-cover-hit wonder"). With a sweet falsetto caressing the melodies, Jonathan Johansson is a name to look out for.
- Matt Giordano

The playlist for this week's radio show:

01. TALK 1
02. Repoman - Chemically obsessed
03. Moder Jords Massiva - Vapen
04. Kornstad Trio - Intornette
05. TALK 2
06. Ghost Brigade - Autoemotive
07. Rather Sound Than Safe - The beat
08. September - My neighbourhood
09. TALK 3
10. Ebba Grön - 800°
11. Torpedo - My evil twin
12. Jonna Lee - Dried out eyes
13. TALK 4
14. Marvins Revolt - Bugs in time
15. Pimentola - Death is a secret
16. Nils Berg - Sailors fighting in the dance hall
17. TALK 5
18. Lampshade - By and by I come
19. Midnight Choir - Will you carry me across the water
20. Moonbabies - Walking on my feet
21. TALK 6
22. Candlemass - Elephant star
23. Front and the Factory Lies Beneath - Under a black sun
24. Cortex - Warrior night (live)
25. TALK 7
26. The Grizzly Twister - This city is a halo
27. New Decade - I guess you ran from something
28. The Grand Opening - Don't drop off
29. TALK 8
30. The Bear Quartet - I'm still her
31. Paper - My life is going under
32. Darkthrone - Wisdom of the dead
33. Detektivbyrån - Nattöppet
34. TALK 9
35. Mob - Ghost track
36. Fare You Well - Deceiving eyes
37. TALK 10

Vapen & Godis have posted an mp3 from the new Don Agbai EP "Cats and travel":
Look for our own review of the release to be posted in the near future.

Check out the video for "Lägg ner ditt Vapen" from Ison & Fille:

The new album "Stolthet" from Swedish hip-hop duo Ison & Fille will be out September 27. The new single "Ner ditt Vapen" will be out September 13.

Vapen & Godis has announced that Otur's debut album "Pepperbox Hill" will be released on May 5. Otur is the electro/synthpop solo project of Emma Bates from The Light Bulb Project. The single "Apart" comes out April 21 and features remixes by Mr. Suitcase and Carl-H Hallén (Kompis) along with a video treatment by director Sofie Traav.

Swedish indie label Vapen & Godis has a nice new website:

Otur's first single from his forthcoming album "Pepperbox hill" will be for the song "Apart". It comes out April 21 via Vapen & Godis and will be accompanied by two remix b-sides, one by Mr. Suitcase and one from Carl-H Hallén of Kompis. The full-length album will follow on May 5.

New top tens today from Leo Jäderberg of Gbg-based indie label Vapen & Godis and Oskar Ekman from Luger. Thanks guys! Check 'em out on the right.

Top 10s for 2005: Leonel Jäderberg (Vapen & Godis)

Adventurous Swedish indie label Vapen & Godis has signed Otur and will be releasing their debut album and single next year.