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Dödsvarg now on CD, vinyl coming

dödsvarg's excellent album "Livet är en dödsorsak" is now available on CD via US label :
There's also word that they'll be doing a new 4-song 7" in the near future -- more details when I get it.

The Famous Swedish Project to feature music from ex-Detektivbyrån member

Ex-Detektivbyrån member Martin Molin is going the opposite direction of dödsvarg and is composing the music for the upcoming show "The Famous Swedish Project" (emphatically "not theater, not performance and not dance, but everything at once"), to be performed by PLAY Teaterkonst and set to premiere on February 6 in Göteborg. More info at Facebook:

MP3: Dödsvarg - En väldig kropp av hat

Apparently it now takes me a full week to dig out of the hole I got myself into by taking time off in December. So while it might not feel quite so timely anymore, I'm going to try and take the time to highlight a few of my top 10 mentions over the next little while before getting back into the Sisyphean task of keeping up with what's new. First: dödsvarg. The band initially spurred my curiosity because they/he is ex-Detektivbyrån, but when you combine that with the descriptor "a mixture of Meshuggah and Skitsystem," I knew I absolutely needed to hear it. The album "Livet är en dödsorsak" doesn't disappoint either -- the music is crusty, mathy and totally pissed, but they missed one very important note of reference: besides Skitsystem and Meshuggah, dödsvarg also reminds me a lot of "It's me god"-era Breach. This is not just a good thing, it's a great thing. Don't let dödsvarg stay overlooked and underappreciated!

Dödsvarg - En väldig kropp av hat

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Dödsvarg - Spotta i näven (video)

New dödsvarg? I'm not entirely sure, but it sounds sick!

Dödsvarg on Spotify

"Livet är en dödsorsak", the new album from ex-Detektivbyrån act dödsvarg, is out now and available on Spotify, even in the US:

Listen to Dödsvarg!

has posted an unmastered sample clip of tunes from the upcoming dödsvarg record "Livet är en dödsorsak":
Turns out that the Skitsystem and Meshuggah comparisons weren't far off the mark at all, despite the Detektivbyrån connection.

Dödsvarg is Bergman-approved

I'm not sure exactly what this means, but apparently the estate of Ingmar Bergman have pre-listened to some of dödsvarg's upcoming release and giving approval for the project to move forward:

Suicide Records signs Dödsvarg (ex-Detektivbyrån)

has announced the signing of dödsvarg, a new act featuring ex-member(s?) of Detektivbyrån that they describe as "a mixture of Meshuggah and Skitsystem," so uh, yeah -- don't go expecting anything like what came before.