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NYT playlist: Theresa Andersson, Huoratron, Mirel Wagner

finnish artists Huoratron and Mirel Wagner plus Swedish expat Theresa Andersson all have new albums profiled in the New York Times:

Throat on Bandcamp

finnish noiserockers par excellence Throat are now up on Bandcamp where they are offering their OOP releases as free downloads:
Expect samples of newer stuff to appear there soon, too.

Svart Records spring release schedule

' upcoming release schedule is bonkers -- in addition to the new Beastmilk and Hexvessel 7"s, as well as the "Dawnbearer" 2LP repress, they've also got like 5 new releases coming out every week from May through June. Here's the finnish/Scandinavian highlights:

05/09 - Sähkö-Isku - Sata kaljaa 12"
05/09 - Kovaa Rasvaa 7"
05/09 - Problems? - Ei tää lama päähän käy 7"
05/09 - Unicef - Käkimassaa 7"
05/09 - Kollaa Kestää - Jäähyväiset aseille LP
05/16 - Abhorrence - Completely Vulgar 2LP / CD
05/23 - Jess and the Ancient Ones LP/CD
05/23 - Callisto - Noir 2LP
05/23 - Sarcofagus - Envoy of Death LP
05/23 - Sarcofagus - Go To Hell 7"
05/23 - Kimmo Kuusniemi Band - Moottorilinnut LP + DVD
05/30 - CMX - Kolmikärjen veljeskunta 4LP
05/30 - Musta Paraati - Peilitalossa LP
05/30 - Reverend Bizarre - Crush The Insects 2LP
05/30 - Rattus - WC räjähtää LP
05/30 - Mana Mana - Maria Magdalena 7"
06/06 - Pelle Miljoona & NUS LP
06/06 - Pelle Miljoona & 1980 - Pelko ja viha LP
06/06 - Carpathian Forest - Strange Old Brew LP
06/06 - Candlemass - Ancient Dreams 2LP

PopMatters reviews Mirel Wagner

PopMatters recommends finnish artist Mirel Wagner, calls her an "old soul":

Svart to reissue Callisto

finnish doom act Callisto will see their 2006 album "Noir" get the 2LP vinyl reissue treatment by this coming May. The new edition will include the previously unreleased demo track "Coming aeons" as bonus and will be issued as 300 copies on black, 200 on silver.

Arto Järvelä + Kaivama West Coast tour

finnish fiddler Arto Järvelä (JPP, etc) will be doing a West Coast tour in May alongside finnish/American folk duo Kaivama:
Nice to see they're doing a show here in Olympia, so if my wife decides that's how she'd like to spend her birthday then we will be in attendance.

Off the Record: Harmaja

There's a new episode from finnish live music video site Off the Record featuring the band Harmaja performing in an aquarium:
Can't say that I'm familiar with this act at all, but first impressions are quite good.

Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha - Onnentähti (video)

I had forgotten to keep up with Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha since their self-titled debut passed through here back in late 2010, but I just received a copy of their latest, just-released record "Yö Rovaniemellä" and I'm glad to report that first impressions are just as positive as before. Obviously somewhat of an acquired taste you could say, but I really do love this sort of classic finnish tango/dance music.

Off the Record: Olavi Uusivirta

finnish singer/songwriter Olavi Uusivirta is the latest artist to be featured on live music video site Off the Record:

New Terveet Kädet live record out now

So, uh, apparently long-running finnish hardcore act Terveet Kädet has a new live album out called "UGH!!! Terveet Kädet elävänä" which is half electric/half acoustic. Which also probably means it's only half-listenable, but who knows? I am definitely curious.

Scrags sign with Svart

The Scrags new single "Void lodge" will be released via the esteemed finnish label this coming spring on 7" vinyl.

Latest Hebosagil now available for streaming/download

Following in the tradition established with their previous albums, finnish noiserockers par excellence Hebosagil have posted their latest work "Ura" for free streaming/download. See here:
If you like music that is dirty and heavy, you need this.

Off the Record: The Sounds

The latest session for finnish live video website Off the Record features Swedish pop act The Sounds:

Baxter Stockman - Romance (video)

New stuff from finnish pigfuckers Baxter Stockman off the 7" of the same name, due out tomorrow via . Not exactly safe for work.

Circle of Ouroborus - Toivosta syntynyt

Listen at Pitchfork as finnish act Circle of Ouroborus transitions from semi-inept black metal/gothrock to semi-inept synth/post-punk: